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As a journalism assistant, I was responsible for ABEST’s Blog creation (coding, designing and editing) and content production for daily articles and regular blog posts. Also, I managed ABEST’s website edition, covered several Fashion Weeks, acted as a reporter – interviewing big industry names – and acted as graphic designer, helping out the head journalist.

The “Blog ABEST” was created by me from scratch when I saw an opportunity to do something different from what we were reporting on the website. At that time, the boom of the blogs was starting, and it seemed like the perfect time to do something different and more approachable to those who didn’t work in the industry but loved fashion anyway. 

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Link da postagem original: http://www.abest.com.br/abest/noticias/abest-entrevista-elizabeth-charles-642#ad-image-0

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Link da postagem original: http://www.abest.com.br/abest/noticias/abest-entrevista-cecilia-dean-630#ad-image-0

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Link da postagem original: http://abest.com.br/blog/?p=265

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Link da postagem original: http://abest.com.br/blog/?p=888

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Link da postagem original: http://abest.com.br/blog/?p=863

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Link da postagem original: http://abest.com.br/blog/?p=5435

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Link da postagem original: http://abest.com.br/blog/?p=3056

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Link da postagem original: http://abest.com.br/blog/?p=2695

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Link da postagem original: http://abest.com.br/blog/?p=1176

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Link da postagem original: http://abest.com.br/blog/?p=1240

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Link da postagem original: http://abest.com.br/blog/?p=4877

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Publication: 2010 – 2011
Role: Journalism Assistant, Blog Editor & Designer
Vehicle: Associação Brasileira de Estilistas | ABEST

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