Avon | Life Colour Global Digital Campaign

As a part of the Avon team as a senior creative copywriter, conceiving and developing digital projects for Avon Global, I was part of the team which has developed the entire global digital campaign for the launch of the fragrance Avon Life Colour by Kenzo Takada, producing assets and a full guide for other markets (such as the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Russia, Mexico, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Philippines and more), which not only features a full range of assets for digital platforms, but also has a full guide on hashtags (for branding and reach) and creative ideas focused on generating conversation and engagement for each proprietary channel.

The video above was created by us, the global creative team (located in Brazil), but executed elsewhere by the client.

The information related to strategy can’t be disclosed.

e.g. of further developments

Publication: 2018
Role: Copywriter/Screenplay writer
Creative partners: Vic Di Lorenzo, Talys Rodrigues & Gabriel Mariah
Agency: JWT & Mutato

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