As a digital content editor, I worked closely with 3 of the greatest Brazilian fashion brands, writing/managing their content and creating/planning new communication strategies for Árvore’s clients on social media.

For Triton, in less than one year, with no investment (just working on a new content strategy that worked for the client, at the time) we could raise their following from 22k to 110k+. I also helped to develop the brand’s manifesto “keep on rocking”, reintroducing their devil may care attitude to the content, forgotten through the years.

After 7 months, I started coordinating more the digital content area and started working on campaign planning, developing online and offline strategies for every phase of the current seasons.

My first beauty client was Sephora, and I was responsible for some offline work for in-store displays as well.

Main clients: Tufi Duek, Triton, Corello and Sephora.

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Publication: 2015-2016
Role: Content Editor, Copywriter & Planner
Agency: Estúdio Árvore

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