I created The Edgytor to give voice to smart, tongue-in-cheek personalities and to people who had a taste for an edgy point of view. Besides developing the whole concept of the magazine, I’ve maintained the website daily with the help of a team of 20+ amazing collaborators. Some of my daily responsibilities were: developing SEO and SEM; building social media profiles and creating a following; leading the commercial area & partnerships; editing the team’s articles; writing my own articles; designing and coding the website and the flip-on magazine; managing the entire team; planning new projects and executing them.

Without any investment in media, I kept the website running and growing. With less than 3 months of existence, we had more than 20k+ page views, due to the success of one of our first photo shoots, created by our team: the first fashion editorial with a drag queen, before drag became more mainstream (beginning of 2014).


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Publication: 2013-2015
Role: Editor-In-Chief, Social Media Manager, Copywriter, Executive Producer, Commercial Lead
Creative partners: Renato Bodeman & Gustavo Chams

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