As a part of the Avon team as a senior creative copywriter, conceiving and developing digital projects for Avon Global, I was part of the team which has developed the entire global digital campaign for the launch of the fragrance Eve Truth (a flanker from the Eve Discovery collection), not only producing assets and a full guide for other markets (such as the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Russia, Mexico, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Philippines and more), but scriptwriting and creating, alongside my creative partner Vic Di Lorenzo, a digital video stressing more of the fragrance concept #WearYourTruth with a more modern take than the original TVC.

The TVC had already been shot under another concept, but since #WearYourTruth, a concept created by my creative partner Vic Di Lorenzo and me, spoke to a broader, more contemporary audience, the client chose to work on a new direction, using part of our V.O. and a few elements we created for the digital video on the TVC featuring the Hollywood star Eva Mendes.

Besides the concept, we’ve developed a full range of assets for digital platforms and a full communication’s guide (on branding and reach) for each Avon proprietary channel around the globe with the previously shot material.

The information related to strategy can’t be disclosed.

e.g. of further developments

Publication: 2019
Role: Copywriter/Social Media Expert
Creative partnersVic Di Lorenzo 
Agency: JWT (Brazil & London) + Mutato (Brazil) + Santo (Argentina)

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