Strategic Content

Content with a purpose. Everything starts with strategy and that’s why I develop the tone of voice and a best practices guide for brands. You can create a ton of posts and reach no one or you can start working more effectively with the right approach. Here’s what I did/do for these brands:

I study the client’s briefing and their social media tactics (from content to engagement) to understand who we have to create for, to map the pain points we have to solve for their audience, to make them engage more with the campaign and product claims, and to tailor brand persona and the best practices to apply on content creation and community management on daily basis – especially for AON but also for campaigns and special projects.

In this kind of work, I set the tone of voice (including vocabulary, dos and don’ts, “Emojigraphy”, etc.), the formats the brand has to focus their efforts depending on their audience, intentions, speech, message and the new public they want to reach. When I understand that, I’m able to set the best channels where they can publish and also the ideal amount of posts and their formats.

Some of my clients were/are: Avon (brand & HR), Acuvue, Rexona, Heineken, Palo Nutrition and Bitchcraft.

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