As a part of the Ipanema team as a senior creative copywriter, conceiving and developing digital projects for always-on communications and campaigns, I was one of the creatives involved in this campaign since the strategy to the client’s presentation. From the insight “In my walk, in my way”, we wanted to bolster the feeling of being fashionably appropriate to several occasions – as it is a pain point for Ipanema’s consumer, making women feel comfortable in wearing Ipanema from 9-5 to a happy hour.

To show that Ipanema is a smart choice for smart women, we had to take into consideration that: 1 – the pricing of an Always New model was very low; 2 – Ipanema consumers wanted to feel fashionable and appropriate anywhere. With these two things in mind, we thought that the strategy’s insight was all about self-celebration. The celebration of a woman’s individuality and her mobility, respecting her reality, social-economic status and her way of being Free From Head to Toe (Livre dos pés à cabeça – which is the brand’s tagline).

In order to begin the campaign with a hero content, we chose a hit song that every generation of women would recognise and dance to it, resignifying its lyrics by inviting a pop star who embodied all the confidence in the world to sing it: Anitta. The campaign video, which was originally written by me, is a fabulous invitation so women can feel motivation and strength by staring at the mirror, appreciating themselves for what they see and by not seeking external validation of another person.

Alongside Anitta is a team of influencers from every part of Brazil, which was also my idea to “localize” the campaign, making it resonate in every part of the country by showing the plurality of women everywhere.

Featured on:

Clube de Criação | Oh, Pretty Woman
PropMark (online) | Anitta canta nova versão de “Pretty Woman” em campanha de Ipanema
Ad News | Anitta relança o clássico “Oh, Pretty Woman” em nova campanha de Ipanema
UOL Economia | Anitta canta “Oh, Pretty Woman” em campanha de Ipanema

Publication: 2019
Role: Copywriter/Screenwriter
Creative lead: Camila Hessel
Creative partner: Raisa Sutecas
Art direction: Douglas Barreto & Wilson Junior
Agency: Mutato (Brazil)

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