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Currently working for Mutato, I’m a part of the Avon team as a senior creative copywriter, conceiving and developing digital projects for Avon Global and Avon Brazil, but mostly for other markets around the world, such as creating campaigns, producing assets and social media guides.

Previously, as an editor, I created content for AHEAD, a creative festival that brought music, fashion, design, technology, and art together to surprising locations in Brazil. I was also the Community Manager for this project.

I’ve also worked as a Community Manager for Jack Daniel’s’ and Pernambucanas’ social profiles, moderating user content, engaging with people and managing the communication between followers and brands.
Still, in this position, I’ve worked for Güd, a pet food line from the BRF group. From the start, I operated as a social media planner, content, and tone of voice adviser, studying the opportunities and challenges for such niche market and how we could create a tone of voice that would resonate with the consumers. I was also on the front line of their communications, alongside the client to make sure the brand was helping the customers through responding F.A.Q, building a relationship with the commenters, and working on insights reports with my expertise on social listening.

On and off, before Avon Global, I’ve also worked as a copywriter for Avon Brasil – one of the biggest beauty players in the business -, writing content related to their campaigns and Always On for social media. This working relationship went so well, that led to an invitation to be a part of one of their digital campaigns (Ultramatte) as a model, standing up for all kinds of beauty and defying the social concept of femininity. 

Clients (so far): Güd, Mutato, Souza Cruz (British American Tobacco), Avon, Pernambucanas, Samsung and Jack Daniel’s.

Publication: 2017
Role: Copywriter
Creative partner: Alvaro Bigaton
Agency: Mutato

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